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(Raw Organic Trim)

Biomass is an industry specific term for industrial hemp in bulk mass. The agriculture behind biomass is different than usual marijuana agriculture in the fact that hemp grown for industrial use must contain less than .03% THC as required by state and federal agricultural guidelines. 

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Being a member of the cannabis family help is abundantly dense in cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is most known for its benefits on overall health without the feeling of getting high or "Pyschoactive" effects of regular marijuana rich in THC. 

Why Biomass Is Such An Important Material 

The term "biomass" usually refers to the natural materials leftover from the hemp plant once the flower has been removed. These leftovers include the stalk leaves and roots of the plant and can be used for a variety of purposes. Both the flower and leftovers are used in all of the CBD rich products you see circulating the market, proving how useful and versatile hemp is as a material.  

Biomass has many applications in various industries making it a highly sought after material. Industrial hemp is also high in CBD making it critical for the CBD industry, which also entails a large number of industrial and commercial applications compared to its THC heavy counterpart. These industries are just starting to emerge and develop and many corporations and entities are trying to get the jump before the market becomes over saturated. 


Biomass can be also be commercially used to make:

  • BioFuel

  • Oils

  • Food materials

  • Creams

  • Paper

  • Clothing

  • Construction Materials

  • CBD Oil, Isolate, Distillate

  • And much more!

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