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*We research and produce all of our genetics for maximum potency to provide our customers with nothing but the best CBD in the industry.*

LOQ - Under The Limit of Detection 

Cherry Blossom

ANALYSIS                                  RESULT

THCa:                                    0.45%

Delta-9 THC:                         0.09%

CBD:                                      0.92%

CBDa:                                   12.81%

CBC:                                      0.30%

CBGa:                                    0.50%

Total Potential CBD:            12.15%

Total Potential THC:             0.49%

cherry blossom.jpg


Cherry Blossom is a high-CBD strain packed with exquisite cherry and berry flavors. It has a powerfully relaxing and mood-boosting effect for most individuals. These flowers are a very light green color and are covered in crystallized trichomes that give the buds a white-green appearance. The dense, sticky buds have quite a bit of orange hairs.


You'll feel a boost of the spirits almost as soon as you exhale, lifting your mind into a state of focused calm with a budding tingly euphoria. Soon, this tingle will begin to inch its way throughout the rest of your body, moving slowly from your mind through your limbs until you're fully relaxed from head to toe. This is a strain that everyone can enjoy. 


Cherry Blossom showcases what is perhaps one of the most delightful fruity berry-centric aromas among any known hemp variety. Sweet and strong, combining the fragrance of cherry and fresh flowers, producing a blend of scents that might make you feel like you’ve just stepped into a field of cherry blossoms. 


ANALYSIS                                  RESULT

THCa:                                    0.47%

Delta-9 THC:                             ND

CBD:                                      0.20%

CBDa:                                   11.73%

CBC:                                        LOQ

CBGa:                                    0.95%

Total Potential CBD:           10.49%

Total Potential THC:             0.41%

TOTAL                                  13.35%

cherry blossom 8.jpg

DESCRIPTION: First Lady  has overall stoney effects which start with a spacey, distant headiness and fade you into a relaxed and calming experience. This morphs into a robust body buzz with a slightly arousing, couch-locked calm.



First Lady with her ladylike essence punches you in the face with a potent and super delicious body high with remarkably low levels of THC. This strain derives from hybridized landrace varieties stemming from the Hindu Kush mountain range and the lower altitudes of Afghanistan. The phenotypes are quite homogenous, because they rely on naturally stabilized genetics.


The singularity of First Lady is its flavor, sweet like the nature of a true First Lady, that together with the fine aroma of flowers and wild berries make it a rich, classy fragrance. The bouquet of strawberry and raspberry will turn your experience into a moment of pure relaxation and pleasure. This strain looks and smokes just perfectly, truly a strain made for any individuals private reserve. 


ANALYSIS                                  RESULT

THCa:                                    0.69%

Delta-9 THC:                            LOQ

CBD:                                       0.19%

CBDa:                                   19.30%

CBC:                                         LOQ

CBGa:                                    0.41%

Total Potential CBD:            17.11%

Total Potential THC:             0.60%

TOTAL                                  20.67%




Coming in as our most popular strain, Shasta Candy is a balanced hybrid strain, created from crossbreeding First Lady and Siskiyou Gold and is the perfect option for those seeking relief without overwhelming stimulation or getting couch locked. 


Definitely a creeper in nature, with slowly building effects that sneak up on both mind and body before you suddenly notice that they’ve taken hold. You’ll feel lifted with a sense of energized creativity that lingers in the mind, letting it wander in and out of artistic visions. Your body will begin to relax into a calming physical state that doesn’t affect your energy level too much. Truly a mellow and rewarding smoke experience. 

FLAVOR AND AROMA: It has a strong aroma of sweet and sour candy, with hints of earth and pine. Its buds are deeply enmeshed with purple hues and large and sticky buds providing a smooth smoking experience for all to enjoy.


ANALYSIS                                  RESULT

THCa:                                    0.31%

Delta-9 THC:                         0.07%

CBD:                                      0.43%

CBDa:                                    8.30%

CBC:                                        LOQ

CBGa:                                    0.50%

Total Potential CBD:              7.71%

Total Potential THC:             0.34%

TOTAL                                    9.58%



Gold Hill is what every CBD flower wants to be: good looking, aromatic, dense, and very effective. One of the most mood-elevating and enjoyable strains we carry. Enjoy a fully layered terpene profile resulting in a very comfortable relaxed state. This strain is perfect for people who want to loosen up before a work out or even a conference call. This strain smokes easily without the harshness of most CBD strains found in the market.


It has a pleasant calming effect, which makes it a great nighttime strain to help you relieve stress and improve sleep quality. However, its mellow effects also make this strain a perfect choice for daytime use or for unwinding and stress-relief after a long and busy day at work.


Gold Hill hemp flower is perfect for pairing with desserts and wine tastings. It’s sweet, berry and floral aroma highlights foods and sparks the mood at social events.


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