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We operate fast and efficient, sourcing and supplying some of the lowest-priced, highest-quality hemp biomass and CBD-derived products for our buyers. New potential buyers are vetted to ensure they are qualified to meet our business standards. Our clients are surprised and thrilled when they see the level of efficiency with which documents and proof are prepared and presented when we’re involved. 

With our extensive network of production facilities, lawyers, and third-party testing labs, we provide our buyers with any service needed to expand their business as well as the ability to pursue larger transactions, if desired.

Complete Documentation

With a seasoned team of lawyers experienced in the CBD Industry, we can help provide all types of documentation, including Contracts, Letters of Intent, Proof of Funds, NDAs, NCAs and everything in between. 

Certification Licensing

With access to professionals nationwide, we can help you get any job or service done that requires access to industry and state-specific licenses needed to operate. 

Escrow Management

Get peace of mind knowing your money is secure and will only be transferred when every condition is fulfilled by both parties. Our associates have years of experience of financial advisory work and have connections to the biggest financial institutions in the country. 

Product Sourcing

Our connections to labs throughout the United States allows Best Cali Hemp premium access to high-volume facilities to meet al your product needs. We have product, but should your demand be beyond our supply, our affiliate partners can fulfill your needs. 

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