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 Hemp Seeds

Why You Should Be Using Feminized Hemp Seeds


When it comes to organizing and implementing a grow operation for hemp with high CBD yields, we have to start from the very foundation. Like a house, a foundation has to be firmly set in order to build a house that will stand true against the test of time. Growing hemp is a long and arduous endeavor, where you can only cultivate a few times per year. That being said, it is critical that you maximize the amount and quality of the hemp that you are growing.


Female hemp plants grow taller, thicker, and richer in CBD yield than their male counterparts. When a female plant is pollenated, it starts to fertilize and grow seeds. All of the energy and nutrients that would normally be allocated towards growing and maturing is directed towards the fertilization process, resulting in hemp that is smaller and full of seeds opposed to a plant that did not get pollinated at all. 


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So How Do Grow Operations Maximize CBD Yield? 


They used feminized hemp seeds. These seeds only produce female plants allowing for the highest yield you can get per grow, however there are still a few setbacks. When you buy feminized hemp seed there will still be one or two plants that will grow as male plants. It is imperative that these plants are singled out and removed. one single male plant can pollinate a majority of your operation if left unattended.


A male plant yields roughly about half of that of a female hemp plant. That is a huge difference, and also something that can spell disaster for your operation. Feminized hemp seed really makes that much of a difference no matter the scale of an operation however, the cost is quite different as well. Feminized hemp seed is notoriously expensive but as you can see, its for a reason. 

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