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Here at BestCaliHemp, we commit ourselves to offering the best support and services to all of our clients as well as any operation no matter what it is they might need. We have established a special foothold in this industry by being well connected and ambitious in our efforts to expand our operation to encompass every technical process that is being used in throughout  the industry. 

Should you have biomass or know anyone who has biomass and are looking to extract concentrates, we provide a host of extraction services. 

Currently we have the means to extract and produce:

  • CBD Isolate 

  • CBD Distillate 

  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil 

With the CBD industry taking hold and becoming more popular, opportunity has arisen for people who grow hemp. While we grow hemp ourselves, it is difficult to maintain inventory due to high demand. As a result we are always looking for biomass to buy. Should you have large quantities of biomass, please reach out to us so we may discuss all of the options available to you. 


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