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Our Guarantee

Being an owner operated growing operation, BestCaliHemp is involved in the entire CBD cultivating process. from beginning to end, we grow, cultivate, harvest, process, package and transport all of our products ourselves. We set aside a significant amount of our plants to clone. We have an amazing, knowledgeable team with a vast amount of experience growing and cultivating hemp rich in CBD. 


The branches taken in the cloning process are typically taken from the healthiest bottom rungs of the hemp plant.

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Cloning Explained

When growing hemp from seed, results can vary from plant to plant. Currently, there is no way to consistently grow hemp that will have matching Certificates of Analysis every time. Cloning is presently the only and most consistent way to ensure identical outcomes.


Clones are cut from a healthy mother plant and planted into another pot or area. Cloning is considered a success when the branches grow roots and full maturity is reached. Clones that take root mature faster, but will not grow as big or yield as much flower as a plant that’s been grown from seed.This is the trade off to ensure consistent genetics.


Depending on your operation’s needs, using plants with consistent genetics for extraction processes as well as end-stage CBD products such as oils and creams, may be best. When trying to build branding of high-quality CBD products, inconsistency can prove damaging. 

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