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  • News flash, in case you haven't heard,  CBD is now legal to consume, grow and transport within all 50 states throughout the US

  • Not to be confused with cannabis, which is still illegal on a federal level. 

  • Hemp or (CBD) is defined as a cannabis plant that contains less than 0.3% THC. 

  • THC being the psychoactive component of cannabis, CBD is a THC "free" product that has a myriad of benefits believed to relieve the symptoms of various medical conditions as well. 

What Is Hemp "Flower" Exactly?

Hemp bud, CBD bud, CBD flower, hemp flower are all interchangeable and correct terms to use when referring to the buds or flower of a hemp plant. With the emergence of the CBD and legal hemp market, cannabis plants are no longer grown with the goal of increasing THC levels but rather to be rich in CBD. The biggest takeaway is that CBD bud, or flower is not the same as marijuana although it may look and smell the same. The effects of consumption compared between the two are as clear as night and day. 



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How To Distinguish Quality Flower From The Rest 

If CBD hemp is a new thing for you, the amount of options available too you can be overwhelming at times. Don't get discouraged because being able to recognize good flower is easier than you might think. There are various visual cues that you should look for as well as aroma that are almost always direct indications of quality. 



Aroma is one of the things you should first notice when inspecting CBD flower. Top shelf flower will fill your nose with a variety of fragrances before you can even take a good look at it. Good flower will give off rich, powerful aromas that you can't help but notice. These aromas come out to play when there is a high percentage of terpenes in the flower. Terpenes being the main components of oils and resins where different strains contain different, more, or even less terpenes when compared to other flower.

There are a variety of aromas CBD flower may give off such as floral, citrus, fruity and many more! Keep your mind open and your senses stimulated when considering to buy CBD flower. 


Hemp flower varies in color shape and size but it is very easy to tell the quality of the flower just by looking at it. Top shelf CBD flower will contain hues of light to dark greens and varying degrees of purple or white while Lower quality product will have colors of browns, reds, and yellows. Another thing you want to stay away from is CBD flower that is very "airy" or loose leafed whereas higher quality flower will be very dense and sticky. Dense hemp can comparable to a small rock that can be cleanly split in half where  


Trichromes represent a unique characteristic of CBD flower. If you have ever looked closely at CBD you might have noticed small white hairs on the flower. These "hairs" are actually extremely small crystalline structures that produce and contain THC and CBD. 

If your CBD flower is densely covered with these trichromes, you can be sure that you are holding high quality CBD flower. 




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