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  • Karel Ancona

8 Foot Plants And Not Even Close To Done

This past week, Life on the Farm at Best Cali Hemp was pretty uneventful as we’re in that time of

growing season where we literally are watching the girls grow and ensuring they’re receiving plenty of nutrients and water. Some of them now stand at least 8-feet and beautiful coleus, some at least 10-inches in circumference are forming. The high point of the week was our first appearance with Reliable Blends Health and Wellness and Best Cali Hemp at the Lassen Land & Trails Trust Farmers Market in uptown Susanville. The venue is a side street lined with old-time buildings and as Katrina said, was straight out of a Hallmark movie set, complete with a musician providing acoustic guitar selections that rose into the air, mingling with all the wonderful smells of creations offered by the food vendors. An array of folks set up their booths are offered everything from hand-crafted jewelry and ornate tiny birdhouses, which were being sold as Christmas ornaments but were so whimsical and beautifully crafted that displaying them year around would seem more appropriate. There was local honey and smoked jerky, gorgeous produce, luscious, plump berries, fresh-baked breads and pastries and more. We were able to buy breakfast, lunch and dinner at the market.

Now it had been expressed there would most likely be resistance from the locals to our products because they contain CBD, and many don’t understand the science or reason for it, except that it is related to the Devil’s lettuce. Indeed, many still think that hemp is marijuana and education has been key to our ability to overcome those misconceptions and hurdles. So far, the educational component seems to be working. Contrary to expressed concerns, we had many customers and delightful conversations about an array of topics. We also did quite well and will be returning every Saturday until the market ends its season in October.

We have found getting the pain cream on bodies is where our success begins. There’s no arguing with immediate relief. After that, the door opens to people’s receptivity to our other products, and there’s not much left to do but for them to decide which items they want to take home. It is deeply gratifying to know we’ve come up with formulations that positively impacts lives, providing relief in a way that is non-invasive and safe. If you’re out and about some Saturday, the market takes place through Oct. 2 at Pancera Plaza in uptown Susanville from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Come visit! We’d love to see you.

’Til next week, happy growing!

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