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Additions To Our Growing Family

Life on The Farm is rolling along here at Best Cali Hemp. Most of the planting is complete. We’re waiting for the last clones to solidly establish their roots and once they’re in the ground, that phase will be complete. We’re already six weeks ahead of where we started last growing season, and the girls are thriving. I fully expect that by the time harvest comes, we’ll have a jungle. Richie’s Sandra, who is Katrina and Sam’s daughter, is on her coffee break from Starbucks and has been a god send. Her commitment and willingness to pitch in has been invaluable, and we’re all so grateful for her help. She’s such a cool human being and as her auntie, it’s been fun and an honor getting to know the young woman she has become. Summer’s in full swing, with the farm children out of school and the swimming pool erected.

I think that’s where they’ll be spending most of their break! Oh to be in grade school again! It’s such a carefree existence -one that’s only fully appreciated when it’s far in the rear view mirror. We’ve had a couple of additions to the Best Cali Hemp family. Katrina and I were placed on the animal shelter’s bird and poultry list. This happened because we had occasion to be at the shelter and noticed a peacock and rooster boarded together and inquired about them. They were to be adopted together, but that fell through, and on Tuesday we made the journey back to town and brought Rue The Peacock and Bubba his therapy rooster (no, I’m not kidding) home.

According to the shelter workers, Rue required a therapy rooster because he had arrived at the shelter quite stressed. They put Bubba with him hoping that would make Rue less so. At any rate, we brought them back to the farm where they settled in. When our resident peacocks, Peter-Paul and Paul-Peter came trotting down the hill, Rue flew the coop and has been running over the property since. This meant Bubba was left to his own devices. To his credit, it took him no time at all to set up house. He follows us around like a puppy and hangs out with the cats, who are unphased by his presence. He loves hanging out in the hemp field, wanders into our living quarters, helps himself to whatever fruit is available and loves to be held, petted and snuggled. Indeed, he likes that more than most of the cats.

Tuesday, Button the rescue pup will be joining the menage. In the midst of this, the final touches are being made on our Reliable Blends health and wellness line, and manufacturing is keeping us out of trouble.

Until next week, happy growing!

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