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Best Cali Hemp - Jack Herer Hemp

Best Cali Hemp’s Shasta Candy infused with Jack Herer terpenes is offered in an 1/8 ounce (3.5 grams) bags of flower, packaged with a humidity pack. Shasta Candy is a hybrid indica/sativa and tests at 17.11 percent with a total 20. 67 percent cannabinoids and comes from combining First Lady and Siskiyou Gold. Jack Herer is a famous strain known for its ancestry combination of Haze hybrid with NL#6 x Shiva Skunk that is armed with an aroma that is always recognized and


Jack Herer features fruity, peppery and herbal notes. The following are the percentages of those that sought and found relief in specific areas and their reported feelings as a result of taking in Jack Herer terpenes: Stress, 37 percent; depression, 29 percent; anxiety, 29 percent; pain, 22 percent; fatigue, 15 percent. Users experienced feeling happiness, 56 percent; uplifted, 52 percent; euphoric, 48 percent; energetic, 47 percent; creative, 44 percent.

Terpenes added to BCH products are not derived from cannabis, nor do they contain any cannabinoids or other cannabis-derived extracts. Our terpenes are FDA food grade, all natural, Kosher and non-GMO. They are also additive and preservative free.

From seed to final packaging in your hands, everything is done with the care, love and attention you would expect from any farm that has put their livelihood on the line to bring you premium, world-class hemp products. Best Cali Hemp products are direct from our farm to you. Try us today!

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