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  • Karel Ancona - Best Cali Hemp

Big News This Week, Reliable Blends, LLC.

The hoop houses are constructed and brimming with Mothers which will be used to create additional clones ahead of planting and we’ve some big news happening at Best Cali Hemp as we head into this week’s installment of Life on the Farm. More on that in a moment…

All of the Best Cali Hemp kitties believe these warm structures with a somewhat jungle feel, have been built for their pleasure, as we’ve come to understand they believe they are big cats. We’ve decided not to disabuse them of this thinking. Don’t know if you’ve all noticed, but the BCH team is big on personifying our fur babies - cats, dogs and peacocks alike. Which begs the question, “Can peacocks be classified as fur babies?”

Richie is gone this week enjoying a much deserved vacation, so he spent last week putting everything in place so maintaining the seedlings, clones and mothers would be a straightforward process for Katrina, Sandra and myself, which we appreciate. Now for the big news. As has been touched on in past blogs, Katrina and I came up with, or rather prayed into existence a pain balm that is now being used and reviewed by medical doctors and is being tested for use in helping those suffering from chronic pain and for migraines.

We’ve had third party reporting on how this has helped with everything from tendonitis, alleviated pain related to broken ribs, restored full function in the arm of a gentleman whose doctors had been unable to resolve mobility issues, neuropathy, menstrual cramps and other issues. People have found relief from pain associated with old injuries and new surgical sites. We are astounded by and grateful for the help and relief this is providing to so many. This all natural, physician formulated balm is being sold under the trademarked name Reliable Blends.

We are actually in some level of near disbelief that two grandmas with no special training and nothing more beyond an intention that whatever we came up with could change lives, have created with divine help something that is doing what we had hoped and intended. We are grateful for the medical professionals that have added their knowledge to refine the proprietary blend into something that we feel and others are proving is something special.

The reality is surreal and the testimonials are confirmation for us that we are on the right path. Reality Blends Pain Balm is currently available in one-ounce size and we will soon be launching additional half, two and four-ounce sizes. We invite you to check this out and provide us with your own feedback. Please take a moment to visit and give this non-invasive, topical magic in a bottle a try.

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