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  • Karel Ancona - Best Cali Hemp

Clearing The Land

This week’s installment of Life on the Farm here at Best Cali Hemp finds the team up to their fannies with proverbial alligators. But fear naught! We wouldn’t know what to do with boring. Of this, I am convinced. Richie has taken over head grower duties, and we’ve been cloning Gold Hill and transplanting, cloning and sexing our Shasta Candy, with an eye toward the thousands that will be needed for planting as well as ensuring only females make it to the field.

Given how Spring has rapidly arrived, if weather remains steady we anticipate planting sooner than previously planned. At any rate, we need to be prepared to go with whatever Mother Nature hands us, which at the moment are beautiful sunny days. But once the sun begins to drops behind the mountain range, the chill hits and stays overnight. The big equipment for clearing and tilling the new field arrived Thursday, with work getting underway Friday morning. Equipment operator Mike made short order of the field work, which included removing enough rocks to build a mini Great Wall and cutting a secondary access road on the far side of the farm. His contribution sets us up for success, making everything we’ve got to do next infinitely

easier. Thanks, Mike!

On the product front, we’re happy to announce our fabulous CBD bath bombs are available on the web site and will also be available soon at select retailers. We’ve had great reviews from people ranging from those with chronic issues such as fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis to those seeking relief from daily stress, muscle soreness and insomnia. Our bath bombs are 4 ounces of loveliness made with 100 percent natural ingredients and containing 100 mg of CBD. Our proprietary blends of cannabidiol and all natural soothing, stress relieving ingredients and essential oils will have you feeling brand new and ready to conquer the day or sleep through the night.

We currently offer them in two scents: Lavender and Citrus Blend, and they provide a private spa experience that works equally whether in a garden or standard-size bathtub. The aromatherapy aspects of both varieties are beneficial. Open pores allow the CBD to soak into your skin, connect with the cannabidiol receptors and allow muscles to release. They come in single, three or seven-packs. Give them a try, and share your experience with us!

’Til next week, happy growing!

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