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Fire Season Is Finally Upon Us

Life on the Farm is not slowing down as we head into this first part of April. The last seven days we’ve gone from a couple days of 60-degree weather, back into days that shift from frigid to sunny and bearable and back to gray and frigid again, in the space of hours.

It’s the time of year that we dress in layers, so we can strip down or add back clothing as needed. We’ve had some high winds as well, the kind of wind that reminds me of my days of firefighting hot and dry and more like June. And in March this is not a good harbinger for fire season, which typically in California begins in May. Or at least it used to. Now, fire season is apparently becoming an informally recognized year-around thing.

The local fire department just announced the last week of March that fire season has officially begun. Given the lack of snow and rain this Winter, this is a harbinger and terse reminder of how imperative it is for everyone to be mindful of all the ways fire safety and preparedness matters. There’s a certain hypervigilance about fire that comes with living in California, now more than ever.

On a lighter note, the greenhouses arrived last week and once we can be assured of a day without high winds, Richie will begin constructing them. These will house the girls while we prepare the field where they are to be planted. Mike the septic install guy and heavy equipment extraordinaire, has graciously agreed to come remove the array of boulders cropping up from the earth and to give it all an fabulous initial till. That will be occurring very shortly.We are grateful for his willingness to do this work, as he is going above and beyond.

He was called out of desperation as the actual dirt guy seems incapable of answering his phone. When you’ve come from an area where you’ve grown accustomed to people actually following through on returning business calls and bids, it’s almost as much of a shock as the lack of cuisine


We have a working theory that lack of competition fosters a laisse faire approach to getting things handled timely, which is not conducive to meeting deadlines or in continuing to attempt building a business relationship. Makes one wonder how they stay in business, to be honest. But enough whining. Apparently it is what it is!

Best Cali Hemp’s CBD bath bombs are now available. Richie shot a great photo of one of our mother’s decorated with bath bombs. Made me smile…reminds me of the Easter trees Mom and then I would put up each year, except rather than egg-shaped ornaments, these are round. He is pretty creative when it comes to things like that.

At any rate, before you know it all hands will be on deck - meaning family flies in from the eastern United States - and you’ll all be reading about the planting process. ‘Til then, happy growing!


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