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Future Plans For The Farm - Come Visit Us!

We’re still experiencing insufferable heat as we present this installment of Life on the Farm, capturing all the fun and excitement of hemp farming in way Northeastern California. This however, has not stopped the Best Cali Hemp Farm Beautification Program from moving forward.

Trina and I were charged with doing some landscaping around here, preferably without breaking the bank, because as we know, landscaping is not an inexpensive endeavor. But as the Universe is want to do with us, we’ve managed to landscape on a budget that is seriously laughable, both in what it didn’t cost and second in knowing that we are always being provided what we need, quite often despite our own best efforts, which is something we spend a lot of time joking and laughing about.

On our way back from town last Tuesday, we decided to swing by the local nursery, which is operated by our local Amish population. The intention was to price things out, check availability on certain items and make a plan. Of course, this isn’t what happened. We pulled in, and it was near 100 degrees outside. Stepping into the huge commercial greenhouse was akin to going fully clothed into a sauna and on most days, would have been an immediate deterrent. But not on this day!

A lovely woman walked over and explained that due to this unseasonably warm weather, every, yes EVERY plant in the building had to go and we could fill up a flat of any of the plants at a cost of $5 per flat. Oh my goodness! Seriously? Suddenly the suffocating heat meant nothing and what began as an exploratory mission became fully active. We had our orders and by golly, were going to fulfill them! Plus, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as getting a screaming deal and this was certainly that. We spent the next hour in the sauna greenhouse reading tags, making selections and filling nine trays with all those beautiful plants. When we checked out, our total was a whopping $48, which made us laugh because frankly, we had managed to beat the heck out of what we had considered a ridiculously low landscaping budget.

We got home and the reality of the job of planting that lay ahead started to sink in. “What were we

thinking,” Katrina asked. “If you hadn’t gotten all excited about this and started shopping I’d have left these plants there, but noooo….” We laughed and got all those little lovelies in the ground that

evening and the next morning at 5:30 in order to beat the heat. Add several bags of bark to retain

moisture, keep weeds at bay and provide a nicely finished look, and can I say we are tickled with the results.

Now when we have visitors, the farm will be more welcoming than before. Richie has started carving out a parking lot and there are several oak trees that provide shade for a future picnic area. We will be putting in a fruit orchard next spring, with the long view of being able to provide CBD-infused jams and such, as well as creating another welcoming space for visitors to enjoy.

Meanwhile, the girls are nearing 6 feet tall and are amazing to behold. Their fragrance wafts over the property, a smell we have grown to love, no pun intended!

Katrina ordered 7,500 ladybugs which will arrive soon. We have had an abundance of naturally occurring ladybugs this year, but figured more couldn’t hurt. Our head grower, Richie has been keeping careful watch and so far, there’s been no bug issues which would have to be handled organically if there ever were a problem. Adding ladybugs is a proactive step toward ensuring there isn’t one. Plus, ladybugs are cute and we like them!

That’s the latest here! Let us know how you’re doing this summer! Check us out on social media, and if you’ve tried our products, please take a moment to go to our Google business listing and write a review. This would be so appreciated!

Stay cool and …

’Til next week, happy growing!


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