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Hoop House Galore

Last week at Best Cali Hemp was an adventure in myriad ways as we bring this installment of Life on the Farm. We started the week with snow and ended it in the 80’s. Thursday was the first day of the season when we started work in the morning in a tank top, rather than layered in sweatshirts and Carhart’s. Woot! We love spring! Richie spent Monday and Tuesday on the tractor tilling the field and removing the remaining rocks and roots.

Then, come Wednesday, Trina’s Uncle Bill and Aunt Tawny arrived from Utah for a short visit. They were excited to see what is going on here. And there’s a lot going on! Seeing an outsider’s perspective of what goes on here is always fantastic. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day, so another view is a great reminder not only of the ground we’ve covered, but the enthusiasm confirms that what we’re doing is kind of groovy. And yes, by using the word groovy, I am dating us!

Bill also has a farming background and so couldn’t resist spending a few hours on the tractor, putting a smooth finish on the field. People think we’re kidding when we tell them if they come for a visit, we’ll most likely put them to work. At least in this case, he volunteered! He’s an interesting fellow, and is ranked third in the world in his class as a triathlete. That’s quite an accomplishment, one of many in his long and storied life.

Meanwhile, Trina and I spent a couple days in the field taking precise measurements in order to determine the final plant count needed. We also got a start on our suntans. We are both quite different in our approach to nearly everything, so it’s interesting that we work so well together. I guess 35 years as friends goes a long ways toward us tolerating those differences. Armed with stakes, string, a wheel measure, Sharpie markers and a spread sheet, we went forth to conquer. Of course in the midst of it, our various cats provided great comedic relief. It was evident they believed the string and caution tape were provided for their entertainment. We laughed so hard at their antics our sides hurt … a great way to spend a day at work.

The hoop houses are rapidly filling up as we’ve been busy transplanting clones and cutting more clones. The Gold Hill is pretty much complete. Now the primary focus is on ensuring we’ve got plenty of Shasta Candy ready to go. There’s no end in what needs to be done as we head into the 2021 Growing Season, so it’s great that Daylight Savings Time has kicked in. We need as many hours of daylight as we can get!

’Til next week, happy growing!

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