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  • Karel Ancona - Best Cali Hemp

New Developments on the farm!

Due to our wildfire season and weeks of layered smoke in the air, Best Cali Hemp’s crops of Shasta Candy, Frosted Lady and Siskiyou Wine, started to flower a bit earlier than anticipated. As the leaves began turning from emerald green to a mottled lighter green and yellow, we called in our AG commissioner to take samples. The next step of harvesting begins this week, meaning long days and hard work, but with gratifying outcomes. Each of us is so grateful to work doing what we love, which means for the most part we’re having fun. That is a privilege that many dream of, but we’re fortunate that is our daily reality. 

If there’s something you’ve longed to do, but haven’t for whatever reason, now might be a good time to start with baby steps, to begin creating an intentional and passionate, seamless life. The first steps may be terrifying, but then great things await. We’ll be posting as we go, so please enjoy this next experience with us!


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