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  • Karel Ancona - Best Cali Hemp

Our New Product Line - Exciting Things

As we head into mid-May, Life on the Farm here at Best Cali Hemp is busier than ever, simply because in addition to this being planting prep season, we’re also in the process of expanding and launching our Best Cali Hemp/Reliable Blends product line. As to the first, Trina and I as previously mentioned, took all the field measurements in order to determine the number of plants we need this season. Additionally, since we do have our nursery license, we have to be prepared to meet client demand for ground-ready plants. This past week, Richie prepped the smaller field, and we began laying all the piping and drip line in the new field.

We’ve all become quite proficient at basic field plumbing and were able to reuse the existing water mains and drip lines from last season. This is not only a cost savings, but a huge savings on our most precious resource, time. We’re adding an additional water tank, as ensuring the water needed is available is critical to the girls’ ability to remain healthy and grow into the kinds

of plants that will give use the quality flower we require. Given the lack of snow that came over winter means we need to be ready for possible drier than usual conditions and possible impacts on the water table. Typically, the front field is so saturated in spring that it’s near impossible to

navigate. This was not the case this year. Balancing the demands on our time, given that planting is soon to be underway, with making sure we’ve got Reliable Blend product demands met is a bit of a trick. So far, we’ve managed to keep all our balls in the air!= So far, we’ve introduced the one-ounce Pain Relieving Balm and our Lavender and Citrus Blend bath bombs, all of which have seen high demand, for which we are grateful. The reviews and feedback have been hugely positive. The one request has been that the Pain Relieving Balm be offered in larger containers, and plans to do so are underway.

We will soon be offering our Intensive Moisture Lotion Bar, Body Butter, Lip Balm, Hair Serum and Beard Serum. We’re proud that all of these products are formulated from the best ingredients and live up to what we say about them. Our commitment to ourselves and to you, our customers, is to be honest and transparent in all we do. Please feel free to message us if you ever have questions regarding any of our products or need guidance about what we would recommend for specific concerns or issues. Every product in our on-line store is also accompanied by information that can help you make the best selection for your needs.

’Til next week, happy growing!


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