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  • Karel Ancona - Best Cali Hemp

Setting Up For The New Year!

Welcome to our first installment of Life on the Farm, a weekly recap of all the goings on here at Best Cali Hemp. After a busy lead up to the holidays, preparing packaging and product for launch, we took a week to slow down a bit and enjoy the intermittent snow and family time. We’ve welcomed 2021 with open arms and are aspiring to making multi-tasking an extreme sport.

Now that we’ve gotten the first part of our product line launched, we’ve been busy shipping orders

and ensuring we’ve got stock in place to cover demand in order to ship timely. As is the case in any endeavor, we are the workers creating with our own hands the products that are going out each day.

We’ve mastered the art of creating the perfect preroll and finishing each with a beautiful Dutch Crown, one of many topics of discussion as we sat around hand-trimming Shasta Candy and Gold Hill. As an aside, trimming is a rather meditative endeavor as are other aspects of our daily activities - such as feeding our two peacocks, collectively named Peter-Paul, because we can’t tell them apart, as well as the many cats and dogs.

After debating whether we should go with a simple twist close or the Dutch Crown, we decided on the latter, as it provides an elegant finish and a more even draw when smoking. And yes, we’ve tested the theory. In fact, we test a lot of little details before decisions are made about the best way forward. We take our own experiences and discuss our likes and dislikes as consumers and what we would want if we were the customer.

You wouldn’t believe the amount of time and attention that went into the Great Gummy Gab session. Sharing our own bad, good, and mediocre consumer experiences with one another informs the approach we take, always considering our customers. Everything we do has to pass the BCH Team Test.

Requests from those suffering chronic pain asking that we create a CBD cream, have been coming in since before we planted our first crop. We’re excited to tell you we’ve started working on our proprietary formulation and endeavor to get it to market very soon. Stay tuned!

We’ve just walked the new field area and are planning our 2021 growing season. Additionally, we’ve

begun cloning in anticipation of planting come May.

Since time flies here, we expect May to arrive shortly 'Til next week, happy growing!

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