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The Calm Before The Storm

As we head into this installment of Life on the Farm, the pace here at Best Cali Hemp leveled out at least a couple days at week’s end, a rarity and a treat, reminiscent of sending ones’ children away for a visit to Auntie’s. By the time you get past the fact they’re gone and attempt navigating what to do with yourself in their absence, they’ve returned. Of course, busy is a highly personal perspective, but trust me when I say we don’t sit still. The fact we were able to walk rather than run for a minute was a treat.

Richie left us for the week, taking a long needed break with his childhood buddies for a post-wedding bachelor party, originally scheduled for 2020 and hijacked by the pandemic. His significant, and Trina’s oldest Sandra, stepped in to help with watering and cloning duties. She is always so fun to hang out with - very chill, kind-hearted and easy to work alongside. Having her in the mix has been fabulous. A big thanks to her. She’s a keeper.(And I’m not just buttering her up knowing planting season is just ahead!)

As planting begins is just three weeks, the focus this past week shifted primarily to increasing our

cloning stock. Our cloning machines have several trays that each hold approximately 130 cuttings, which is typical. However, as we head rapidly toward mid-May when we anticipate planting will begin, we’re currently putting four clones per slot a count that will most likely be pushed to six as you are reading this. As I’ve said, so much of what we do is a balancing act.This process is no exception, as we have to ensure we have the number of plants required and also plenty of greenhouse space to accommodate the girls while they wait residency in the field.

We’re looking forward to the East Coast members of our BCH team flying out to assist during planting. Other family and friends will also lend their hands, as this is a truly collaborative effort. While planting does involve long, hot days and hard work, we’re also fortunate to have that time to bond, to eat (a lot), drink (at least a bit) and be merry! As mentioned last week, we’re in process of launching our Reliable Blends product line. These items are currently available at . I will keep you all updated as to when the separate web site will launch.

Also, those of you who have left your reviews on Facebook, thanks so much. If you have a spare

minute, it would be greatly appreciated if you could add your review to our Google business listing. This helps others find us and is greatly appreciated. You all be well!

’Til next week, happy growing!

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