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The Missing Link, Animal Products and Hemp.

When it comes to our fur babies, we know many will do whatever is required to provide a long, quality life for them. This has never been more true than at present. And while analysts are predicting the pet care market will grow to an estimated $125 million by 2022, which makes CBD a lucrative arena to be in, more important is to understand the role CBD can potentially play in providing our pets with better health and life quality. In 2019, market research firm Packaged Facts conducted a survey of pet owners reporting 11 percent of dog owners and 8 percent of can owners have given their pets cannabis treats or supplements.

Keep in mind that hemp is referred to as cannabis, though it does not have the same psychoactive property as marijuana. Currently, the American Veterinary Medical Association is refusing to endorse “cannabis”(which includes industrial hemp) use for animals, citing limited research and lack of Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approval, though the FDA is trying to find a path forward in a way that supports CBD use, but safely.

Part of the concern about this, both for humans and animals, is the lack of information regarding

dosing, as well as the fact that some companies have made illegitimate claims regarding their product’s potency. Veterinarians are following developments closely, as pet owners are requesting alternatives to regular medical practice.

No state has legalized cannabis, industrial hemp or CBD use in any application for animals. California is the only state by statute, allowing veterinarians to discuss cannabis/hemp/CBD as a possible therapy when asked by pet owners without fear of discipline by the veterinary medical board. The same statute prohibits veterinarians from prescribing, dispensing or administering any cannabis-based or cannabis products.

The World Health Organization in 2017 issued a report stating in part that CBD appeared to be well-tolerated and safe for use with animals. In the United States, research into animal therapeutics and CBD has been limited. Dr. Stephanie McGrath, Associate Professor at Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital is a leading researcher of CBD use in animal medicine, having conducted several studies focused on neurological issues such as epilepsy in dogs. Her work has been peer-reviewed and she is widely considered to be the expert in the field of CBD and animal treatment.

While her body of work continues to grown and holds promise, we’re not there yet. Like so much in this field, while great strides have been made in relatively short time, there are still miles to go.

We’ll be watching developments, Til' next time!


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