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  • Karel Ancona - Best Cali Hemp

The Team Comes Together

This past week at Best Cali Hemp was nonstop as the East Coast part of our team began arriving

Sunday. Last minute tweaks of the irrigation system and line testing and repairs were finalized for planting Sunday and went into full swing Monday. Our Shasta Candy plants - the first strain to go into the ground - were each cleaned up, with excess leaves removed and the bottom stems “lollipopped” meaning any new growth or low branches are removed. This allows for new growth and provides plants a modicum of ground protection, respectively. Each plant was treated with organic bug spray prior to being moved out for planting, as added insurance against any aphid presence being transferred and to ensure the plants begin their time in the field optimally.

Being in the field digging planting, properly placing drip lines for direct access to the roots 12 hours a day over several days takes a physical toll on even the most fit. The first day’s not so bad short of those gardening muscles you don’t remember you have reminding you they are there. Everyone’s got a spring in their step, marching through the field , squatting, bending, twisting. You know, the usual planting aerobics. The addition of higher temperatures, to which our bodies haven’t yet grown accustomed (remember, it was snowing here a week ago) and resulting sun exposure adds an additional component. Sure the sun feels great, but sunburn not so much!

Come day four, rolling out of bed was a bit of a challenge and our collective butts were bumping the ground before we even began planting. We slathered on a lot of our Reliable Blends Pain Relief Balm and plowed through, no pun intended. In addition to planting we also began construction of the greenhouse and had various other projects that needed time and attention.

Thursday culminated with a wonderful sushi dinner at Ijji 2 in Reno. Thank you, Senior! We discovered the medicinal properties of saki. Or so we’d like to think! Our East Coast people flew out Friday and Life on the Farm continued busy as ever … a bit more planting, cloning, greenhouse and fence construction to complete. Maybe at some point there will be a minute available for a nap. One must have goals, right? Seems like something to aspire to. Will keep you all posted.

’Til next week, happy growing!

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