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  • Karel Ancona - Best Cali Hemp

Things Are Starting To Move!

This past week at Best Cali Hemp started with a photo shoot, courtesy of Richie’s buddy, Kyle, who came up from San Francisco to play with us for the day. He brought his expertise to bear in showcasing our products both in studio and out in nature, which is where we spend the greatest share of time.

Who knew there were so many pretty girls on this mountain? Everyone had fun with the process and even the cats and dogs participated, appearing to think the photo shoot was for their benefit. As with all things, when we endeavor to have fun even when working, we do. We’ve begun working on formulations for a CBD burn creme, facilitated by a family member’s medical situation. The original plan shifted from lip balm to this out of necessity. It’s quite a fascinating process to first decarbolize the CBD and transforming it into distillate, determining proper ratios of essential oils to carrier oils for a specific application - if only high school chemistry and math had been this interesting, we’d have all passed with flying colors.

Finding the right balance of various oils, each offering a unique set of properties combined with

BINDING property takes some time and experimentation. Once we’ve figured this out, the testing for effectiveness begins. The original plan was to begin with lip balm, but as happens at times, life dictated a more urgent demand for the other. Lip balm may wait until next week. Planning is already underway for Best Cali Hemp’s participation in trade shows, and our products were featured in an online, virtual trade show Wednesday.

Sales are taking hold and it feels a bit like we’ve snuck up behind the tiger, grabbed it’s tail and are

standing on the brink of it noticing we’re there. We are taking steps daily to be prepared for the snowball effect. It’s both exciting and a little nerve-wracking. All along the way, we’ve stood looking at the horizon and once the horizon has arrived, we’ve met the challenges in the middle, crossed to the next steps and pushed the horizon out again.

The path forward continues. I’ve always likened situations such as these to being in fifth grade and seeing the sixth grade curriculum and thinking it might be impossible to do that course work. But once you move up a grade, the foundation and tools needed for success are in place and what once seemed unreachable is achievable.

We’re fortunate to have amazing, experienced leadership at the helm. I hope this finds each of you well and happy.

‘Til next week, keep on growing!

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