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An Overview

Industrial extraction equipment and the processes behind them, have rapidly evolved since the CBD industry’s inception. 

Distillation is currently the most efficient CBD extraction process, as it produces quality concentrates, mostly free of impurities. Many overlook the importance of CBD distillation, potentially causing missed opportunity.


Isolate Vs. Distillate 

While cannabidiol (CBD) distillate is considered a pure product, CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD there is. CBD isolate is processed to a point where any remaining minor cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, or residual plant matter is removed. This results in a product that is roughly 99 percent pure CBD.

When CBD isolate is produced, EVERYTHING is filtered out of the oil except for cannabidiol.​ 

When CBD distillate is produced, there is still a bit of residual matter that remains in the final product, including some minor traces of other cannabinoids, terpenes, and more. Think of it like this: CBD distillate is roughly 80 percent cannabidiol, where CBD isolate is almost 100 percent cannabidiol. Isolate is simply further refined distillate.

Common Applications 

- Edibles are the most common way of using the distilled CBD. 


- Pharmaceuticals are another use of this distilled product. There are many oils, capsuled and pills already showing up on the market that use a CBD concentrated form of hemp. This industry is still somewhat new  but we are sure that there will be many other products that will emerge in this explosive market.

- Cosmetic products and topically applied products. The topical products are relatively new on the market and they are gaining a lot of popularity due to their practicality. Namely, a topical product containing high concentrates of CBD can be applied on the skin as a skin treatment, but also as a healing product that will be absorbed into your bloodstream soon after and affect your health.

​- Also, there are the cosmetic products that have a nurturing carrier oil such as almond, coconut, macadamia, or any other with a CBD concentrate infused in them. 

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