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  • Karel Ancona - Best Cali Hemp

A few Months Into The Grow

It’s blazing hot this fine June day at Best Cali Hemp, as I write this latest installment of Life on the

Farm.We’d skated along keeping with fairly mild temperatures and the occasional offering by Mother Nature of a snow flurry or rain and then bam! Welcome to the high 90s/low 100s, which means we shift gears to working early mornings and evenings and take cover under the air conditioning for the worst of it - noon to about 6 p.m. In the midst of that, though, the girls do require additional watering and, especially in a year when the winter was mild and snow pack long gone. During a good water year, we’re mindful of stressing the well, so when the water table is compromised early in the season, that awareness increases.

Thankfully, so far so good.

The girls are one month in the ground and they’ve grown three times their size at planting already, so if everything continues along this trajectory, we will be harvesting behemoths! Besides providing a beautiful view, the plants are bringing great relief to the kitties and Bubba the Therapy Rooster. When you place your hand under the plants, the temperature difference is noticeably cooler. While the field appears to be a sea of green, when you take a closer look ,kitties are wrapped around the base of the plants, and Bubba can be seen roosting, all passed out and peacefully cohabitating. The humans have yet to figure out how to fit, lol!

We’ve been doing a bit of clean-up and weeding and Katrina’s husband, Sam and brother, Gerritt built more fencing. Katrina is going to be participating with the Lassen County hemp advisory panel, and I am going to be participating with the commercial cannabis advisory panel, so we’re looking forward to seeing what comes. We returned to the county after being gone more than 30 years, but we’re baaaack! Whether this is seen as a positive by some is yet to be seen, but so far we’ve been welcomed with open arms.

Otherwise, the last week has been comparatively less hectic than it’s been in a while, and we’re

enjoying a bit of a lull, knowing it’s temporary. We know that change is the one constant and embrace each day and what it brings. We’re grateful for a bit of a breather. It allows us to catch up.

’Til next week, happy growing!


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