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About Our First Lady Hemp

First Lady provides overall stoney effects which start with a spacey, far off headiness, fading into a relaxed and calming experience. This morphs into a robust body buzz with a slightly arousing, couch locked calm.  First Lady with her ladylike essence, brings a potent, delicious body high with remarkably low levels of THC.This strain derives from hybridized landrace varieties from the Hindu Kush mountain range and the lower altitudes of Afghanistan. The phenotypes are homogeneous because they rely on naturally stabilized genetics. The singularity of First Lady is its flavor, sweet like the nature of a true First Lady, that together with the fine aroma of flowers and wild berries provides a rich, classy fragrance.The bouquet of strawberry and raspberry will turn your experience into a moment of pure relaxation and pleasure.This strain looks and smokes

perfectly and is a strain made for any individual’s private reserve.  First Lady helps to alleviate stress, anxiety and insomnia.


First Lady Analysis and Results:

THCa:                                   0.47%

Delta-9 THC:                             ND

CBD:                                     0.20%

CBDa:                                  11.73%

CBC:                                        LOQ

CBGa:                                   0.95%

Total Potential CBD:           10.49%

Total Potential THC:             0.41%

TOTAL                                 13.35%


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