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Another Week In Paradise

As I write this installment of Life on the Farm, the rain is coming down … Mother Nature’s soothing symphony and boy are the girls happy! After a run of near 100-degree weather to the point work occurred only in early morning to noon and evenings with our afternoons spent in siesta, rain was a welcome relief. No complaints there really, because there’s something to be said about being able to take a nap, which is not possible when working a “regular” job. Lassen County is called Big Sky Country and there’s nothing quite as beautiful as a double rainbow crossing the valley after a cleansing, cooling rain. What a treat. Overall, this past week we experienced a lull in our Honey Do List. When these rare occasions occur, it’s a bit like sending the children off to camp. It takes at least a couple days to gear down and refocus on those personal projects too long neglected.

The most pressing thing has been walking the field every morning in the search for errant males.

Males are not something we want in the field or within miles of it, to be honest, as it only takes one to fubar the entire operation. As I said at a Board of Supervisors meeting in an attempt to educate the good old boys, (there are no women on the board here) “please don’t take this personally, but we don’t want the boys in our field,” which thankfully was met with laughter. Actually, one of the supes who happened to be retired law enforcement proposed using male hemp plants to eradicate illegal marijuana grows. I believe that gentleman needs to take a step back and think about all the ways this is a bad idea. Personally, I wouldn’t want to be the person responsible for offing someone’s grow - illegal or otherwise.

As you may have read, our Reliable Blends Health & Wellness line is launched and going like

gangbusters. Our products are small-batched, high quality CBD-based and work like none other. Our pain cream is being used in medical trials for migraine and pain related to trauma and so far, it’s batting a thousand. One renown doc has referred to it as “Jesus in a Bottle” due to it’s effectiveness. Remember, Jesus was known for his healing abilities, and his assessment as meant in that spirit, not as sacrilege, so please in advance, no moral outrage! It’s also been called a miracle cream and the anecdotal evidence supports this. But I digress. This information should be included in a Reliable Blends blog instead of a Best Cali Hemp Life on the Farm installment!At any rate, remember to embrace the rain and the resulting rainbows.

’Til next week, happy growing!


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