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Best Cali Hemp Isolate & Kief

Best Cali Hemp now offers CBD Isolate and Kief to our customers. CBD Isolate is CBD in its purest form (99.95 percent), with a fine white crystalline texture and appearance similar to salt. It is obtained through an extraction and purification process, and is sought after for its potency and flexibility for use in home and commercial applications. Best Cali Hemp’s CBD Isolate comes in a 1 gram/0.035274 ounce measure and child-resistant jar. It is free of THC, solvents and heavy metals and extracted from hemp grown in the United States. This can be used in many forms and is water soluble making it easy to blend into beverages and meal prep either as a powder or when made into a distillate. Some prefer to smoke it while others use it for vaping.

CBD’s potential benefits may help with inflammation, anxiety, pain relief and muscle tightness. Best Cali Hemp’s Kief has 12.55 percent total cannabinoids and is a byproduct of our trim process. This kief is drawn from our Shasta Candy strain, and is the fine powder comprising trichome strands removed and vacuumed into a filtering bag while trimming flower. Inside these crystalline particles are high concentrations of non-psychoactive cannabinoids and aromatic terpenes. Kief provides a potent, fill-spectrum CBD experience that is as fast acting as it is effective.

Shasta Candy Kief is added to all of BCH’s prerolls, giving them a more smooth and robust smoking experience, which can be used in your own prerolls or bowl packs. As with all of our Best Cali Hemp products, there are cost savings when you purchase two or more of the same items.


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