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Best Cali Hemp Slider Packs

Our parents always taught us that it was good to share and, if you were going someplace to visit or for dinner, you never go empty handed. These were some of the things we thought about when creating Best Cali Hemp’s slider pack and in keeping with these ideas, BCH offers a six-pack of one gram Shasta Candy pre-rolls in a child-resistant, plastic reusable slider pack.

When we talk about one gram, that is the amount of actual flower in each preroll, above the weight of the 100 percent natural hemp paper cones. Our BCH team decided at the outset that providing more is better than not, as it provides better value for our customers and if we were the consumers, this what we would want.

This is also a more economical way to purchase, and BCH offers bulk pricing on purchases of two or more units.Check out and compare pricing in our Online Store. All of our pre-rolls contain a proprietary blend of flower and kief providing a smooth smoke.

The multi-pack means more for you to use solely or to share. We also figured that during a pandemic, the timeless tradition of passing the joint isn’t particularly wise or encouraged. As with our tubed, single pre-rolls, each slider pack contains a Boost pack to ensure the proper moisture level for an optimal smoking experience.

The slider packs are available in our plain Shasta Candy as well as terpene-infused

Shasta Candy. Best Cali Hemp’s terpenes are plant-based and mimic the qualities one would find in\ its cannabis counterpart without the THC.

Choose from Gelato, Super Grape OG Kush, Super Strawberry OG Kush, Lemon

Drop and AK-47.

Certificates of Analysis and Terpene Profiles are all available on each product page.


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