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  • Steve Alasi

CBD & Anger Management

Studies into the effects of CBD on stress, depression and anxiety, have shown that all these conditions can be impacted positively by ingesting CBD. These understandings beg the question of whether then, CBD could help with anger management and extreme mood swings, which effects one in 10 people - 8.9 percent or 22 million of our adult population. Among those 18 and older seeking mental health services, all levels of anger is often cited as the reason for needing assistance and often occurs in conjunction with mental health conditions such as borderline, depressive, schizotypal, cluster B and C personality disorders, PTSD, anxiety and more.

Higher incidents are usually found among those using alcohol, illegal substances and tobacco. Maladaptive behaviors resulting from poor anger control can cause major life disruptions with severe, long term impacts. We often see unmanaged anger leading to exacerbated health conditions, workplace and domestic violence and criminal behavior. Aggression stemming from anger that leads to violent crime is correlated more among young people, though when left untreated, as people age, these behaviors tend to cement. It is believed the inability to control anger and mood swings is due to chemical imbalances in the brain.

While studies have shown that low levels of THC can assist with reducing precursors to behaviors that may lead to excessive anger and aggression, in higher quantities, it can raise anxiety which is counter intuitive to reducing symptoms and thereby treating unmanaged anger. Conversely, pure CBD, because it contains no psychoactive properties is effective in reducing those precursor conditions such as anxiety that may trigger anger and resulting aggression, producing calm instead.

The various ways CBD is ingested also determines whether the reduction in anxiety will be immediate Smoking CBD joints has an immediate effect though many prefer not to take CBD into their bodies in this manner.The most popular ways are to ingest either CBD oil or tincture, capsules and gummies. CBD oil will provide immediate and stronger relief as there is no time required to metabolize its properties, as is the case with the later as more time is required to absorb the CBD through the digestive system.These later methods generally require and hour or two to process. CBD’s benefits are more about accumulative effects when taking gummies r capsules, like taking vitamins daily. While tinctures taken sublingually can be used to target specific events, much like taking pain relievers for a headache, when taken in other forms as a supplement, CBD builds up in the body’s system and over time can reduce symptoms that trigger unwanted negative responses to daily stressors.

Be aware that while overdosing with CBD isn’t typically a concern, that dosing of 200 mg or more at once can lead to drowsiness, which is not optimal when life’s daily tasks need completing. Working with a care provider in determining treatment is also important as coordinating a tandem approach that incorporates counseling in conjunction with CBD therapy, may be the best approach. Discuss options with your care provider.


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