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CBD In Relation To Gout

Best Cali Hemp was recently asked in conversation about the effectiveness of CBD in reducing the effects of gout. Gout is caused by a condition called hyperuricemia, a type of arthritis that results from high levels of uric acid in the bloodstream. This can lead to excruciating joint pain, tenderness, inflammation and redness in the affected areas.

When gout is discussed, people often assume that it occurs only in the feet. While it is common that gout occurs in the feet and more specifically in the joint of the big toe, gout also commonly manifests in other parts of the body, including hands, elbows, knees and wrists. Gout can be chronic and unrelieved and it can be episodic. Generally, a gout attack will present during

sleep and can last from a short amount of time to a longer period.

Even though gout may be intermittent, the active periods can cause further damage to those affected joints with loss of mobility being one of the more concerning outcomes.

Typically, those who suffer from chronic gout are advised by their medical professional to make dietary changes, to reduce or eliminate alcohol consumption and to take anti-inflammatories and even prescription drugs to reduce gout’s impact.

As relates to the gout question, here’s what we know: CBD works to reduce inflammation by adhering to the brain’s endocannabinoid receptors. Several studies conducted on laboratory rats suffering from arthritis, have shown the rats to be positively impacted when CBD is introduced in treatment.

For those wondering how a scientist could know whether or not a rat would be arthritic, this

condition can be induced. The remedy then follows and data is collected regarding outcomes. I

include this only because I wondered how the heck scientists get their hands on arthritic rats and

thought someone else may share the same thought. Please refrain from writing me about the evils of animal testing. I get it. That was not the point.

We’ve written before about inflammation and CBD. Gout is another form of that ailment with a very specific cause. We can’t make medical claims. What we can say is while early studies have shown promise in animal testing, as of now there have been no human trials specific to this issue. We have our own anecdotal experiences with CBD and again, it can’t be said too frequently that every person

is their own unique being, and one person’s experience may not be indicative of others’ results.

People are looking for alternatives in how they address pain relief and their overall well being. Some relief may be found by soaking ones feet in a CBD or hemp-infused Epsom salt bath. This is a non- invasive, affordable approach.

Ultimately, the criteria that go into those decisions are as individual as those making them. CBD may be the component that best fits. If you are considering this approach, discuss it with your medical professional to determine your path forward


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