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  • Karel Ancona - Best Cali Hemp

Everything You Need To Know About Terpenes

Some of Best Cali Hemp’s products contain added terpene profiles used to replicate those found in specific strains. Any terpenes added to any of our products are not derived from cannabis, nor do they contain any cannabinoids or cannabis-derived extracts.

So what exactly does this mean for you, the consumer? It means that our products test under .03 for THC, legal under federal law. This does not however, take into account the full-spectrum nature of hemp, where other compounds could possible cause a positive on a drug test. While chances of this are low, please be aware the possibility still remains.

Terpenes are organic compounds that provide aroma and flavor found in cannabis, tea, citrus fruits such as lemon and orange, sage, thyme etc., and have a range of medicinal uses. By now, pretty much everyone has heard about essential oils and how they are used to diffuse into the air, in aromatherapy - affecting mood - and to treat various conditions. These oils are primarily comprised of terpenes, and it is the terpenes, derived from plants, that give essential oils their strong, pungent scent and provide supposed medicinal benefits.

In the natural world, terpenes are part of a plant or insect’s evolution designed to attract to them that which is required for reproduction or to repel predators that threaten harm. Pretty amazing, right? And perhaps more than you wanted to know.

That said, we’ve infused some of our hemp with a range of terpenes, many commonly understood on the cannabis side of the industry to provide specific effects when used. We understand that CBD has its own effects as does each terpene. Things become more exciting when considering the Entourage Effect, which typically works two ways.

Some terpenes change how CBD attaches to receptors while others simply complement that which the CBD already provides. People may select a product based on what they imagine the experience to be going only by the name: bubble gum, grape, lemon-infused …. the “Oh that sounds fun,” factor. And we’re cool with that.

However, for those wanting to understand the deeper implications and applications of each terpene, and their effects, Best Cali Hemp has provided that information in a format that makes the selection process easy. Click on any of these terpene-infused products, and you will find on the last page of each, a chart that lays out simply by percentage of people the reported effects of that terpene, as well as the kinds of issues each terpene has been used to reduce or eliminate.

I hope this helps with the basics. Please feel free to contact us if you have additional questions.


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