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Get Involved And Join The Dialogue

At Best Cali Hemp, we strive to offer the highest-quality products to our customers out of our commitment to excellence, transparency and ease. While many among us understand the intricacies of how and which strains and terpenes work for specific needs, many more find the information cumbersome and overwhelming.

We strive to remove the guess work and stress in making informed choices that best fit each person’s needs. We want our customers to not only enjoy their shopping experience, but to make informed purchases. Best Cali Hemp products are third-party tested, meaning we have no control over what comes back from the lab. We’re fortunate to have grown some wonderful strains, we’re pleased with the results and think our customers will find the detailed information of interest.

Regardless of the products our customers choose, these complete testing results are issued in a Certificate of Analysis, which we’ve provided for each strain. Products containing added terpenes also have COA’s for each specific terpene. We’ve also included in our information, the various “notes” one can expect to find in their use experience of a particular terpene, whether fruity, peppery, minty, lemony and so forth and how those various “notes” present: are they more dominant or less so.

The final charts include reported percentages of how a particular terpene makes a person feel, over a range of emotions, as well as the percentages of impact on various considerations - insomnia, stress, anxiety, fatigue etc.

Providing this information is important as it allows our customers to easily assess and determine

which products will provide the best outcomes for their individual needs. So feel free to wander through the site - there’s lots of information - and let us know if you have any questions or need assistance. We’re happy to help.

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