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  • Karel Ancona - Best Cali Hemp

Getting Prepared For The Coming Season

It’s been non-stop at Best Cali Hemp as we head into this week’s installment of Life on the Farm. With just eight short weeks until planting begins, there’s no end to the preparations currently under way. As you know, Richie and I have been working on cloning a certain number of our Gold Hill strain and our head grower, J.T., has been popping Shasta Candy seeds ahead of the demand that will be needed this season. It also falls to him to calculate the number of plants needed for our grow area and the amount of water that will be required throughout the growing season. While this may seem simple, there are many variables especially around water that must be considered.

We have to ensure the wells, pumps, holding tanks, and so forth are up to par and will be able to accommodate the demands. And even when that is figured out, there is always the unknown regarding how much ground water will be available come the hottest days of Summer. This is especially concerning given how little moisture has accumulated when compared to other years. Field prep is underway as we expand our space within the compliance zone, because even though hemp is as harmless as corn or beans, there are a variety of stipulations imposed by the county that must be followed.

In order to expand, we will be cutting down some trees, and clearing rocks (often more aptly described as boulders), tilling and amending the soil. After all that is complete, we’ll be installing drip lines and all this will be done in addition to the daily tasks that encompass other aspects of life here at Best Cali Hemp. Simply, there’s no time for table dancing. At least not at the moment!

Richie’s been busy making sales calls throughout the greater Reno area as well as managing social media, a cadre of sales people and as mentioned, the cloning. Katrina and I moved our clean room into a much larger space this past week as we’ve managed to go from a somewhat relaxed approach to formulating a line of CBD body care products, to suddenly having many orders to fill. All within the last two months.

We’re enjoying our new digs, as we need every inch of available space to work efficiently. In all aspects of our operations here, the BCH team mantra is “Prior proper planning,” as that is key to keeping everything running smoothly. I hope you’ve all had a fabulous week so far. We’ll be chatting again soon!

’Til next week, happy growing!


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