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  • Karel Ancona - Best Cali Hemp

The thought process that formed Best Cali Hemp.

Best Cali Hemp began with a simple question of what crop could we grow at the farm that would actually grow well and when considering the environment, provide sustainability and a way to uplift the community, hemp seemed to the answer.

A couple of our team members had been heavily involved in 4-H in their formative years and understood the role hemp had played during WWII, when it was implemented as an actual 4-H project in order to produce rope desperately needed to support the war effort.

In the decades that have passed, hemp’s history has been largely lost to the general public, and it’s clear the possible uses and benefits of hemp are not broadly understood.

Recent, anecdotal stories inspiring research is showing hemp promising to be one of the most impactful breakthroughs in medicine and countless other ways that offer alternatives to products that harm the earth. But there’s quite a distance from the field to the research facilities. In upcoming posts, we’ll share with you what’s required on our end, to do our part, historical tidbits and Fun Facts to Know and Tell at Cocktail Parties.


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