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Moving Along

June is the month of birthdays here at Best Cali Hemp and as we head into week two of the month, we have three behind us and at least two more coming, as we visit this installment of Life on the Farm. Katrina’s granddaughter’s special day kicks off the birthday run each year and she celebrated her 14th with a day of shopping and sushi. Even more importantly, she graduated 8th grade last Thursday night from the school Katrina and I attended way back when dinosaurs roamed the earth. It was an exceptionally fun graduation that celebrated each young person’s unique individuality. They had each chosen their own song to walk, dance, skip, and stroll to their seats. With few. exceptions, they had selected songs that were airing on radio and MTV when we the grandparents were kids, proving the late 70’s and 80’s produced great music, and the parents of this particular group of graduates’ parents had clearly raised their kids to appreciate that.

Sandra’s birthday fell in between these two events as she celebrated her 33 rd year and Sunday was Samuel’s birthday, complete with a trip to the trampoline place in Reno. Oh to be seven! I guess about now, you all need a family tree illustration to keep track of all the players here! Katrina has three grandchildren - Rylee, Dylan and Samuel and her husband is Sam. Sandra is her oldest daughter and partner to Richie, both of whom appear regularly in this space. Katrina also has a second daughter, Sarah. As for me, I have a daughter Emily and her two littles, Scarlet and Arlo. I also have a son, Marshall whose significant other is Forest.

In addition to the festivities, we’re finally done with the label redesign for our Reliable Blends health & wellness line, which has been a painstaking but worthwhile process. So far, we’ve gotten great reviews from customers as well as doctors and their patients. The line includes Pain Relief Balm in three sizes and Headache Relief Balm, both of which have provided mind blowing results for those using it, Lip Balm which works great and has been shown to reduce healing time for cold sores, Aromatherapy Bath Bombs, Hand Soak, Foot Soak, Body Butter, Solid Lotion Bar,

Hair Serum and Beard Oil.

We will be adding more products and are thrilled with the effectiveness of our current offerings and grateful for all the feedback we’ve received. It’s one thing to hear about how fabulous we think a product is, but when those reviews are coming from unbiased sources such as those who have experienced direct results, it’s far more legitimate. All these can be found under the Health & Wellness category in our online store. I invite you all to take a look and give us a try.

Until next week, happy growing!


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