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  • Karel Ancona - Best Cali Hemp

Product Overview - SHASTA CANDY

Shasta Candy is Best Cali Hemp’s most popular strain and is available with and without terpenes. This week, we’re discussing the former. Created by crossbreeding First Lady and Siskiyou Gold, our Shasta Candy returned from third-party testing with 17.11 percent potential CBD and 20.67 percent total cannabinoids. Suffice to say, we’re thrilled with these results.

Shasta Candy is a balanced Indica/Sativa hybrid strain and is perfect for those seeking relief “without overwhelming stimulation” or becoming couch locked. After all, many of us are too busy to spend a lot of time on the couch. The effects of Shasta Candy arrive slowly, gently washing over the body and quieting the mind. Expect to feel physical and mental calm take hold while also focusing the mind and allowing creative thinking and expression to expand. As noted above, this lovely blend provides of relief without great loss of energy.

A mellow, smooth smoke experience, Shasta Candy has a strong aroma of sweet and sour candy with hints of earth and pine. It’s large, sticky buds are enmeshed with gorgeous purple hues. Shasta Candy is recommended for those seeking physical and mental relaxation, improved sleep or relief from inflammation-related conditions.

Best Cali Hemp offers Shasta Candy original in its natural state - beautiful flower in a variety of size bags, or as 1 gram pre-rolls and in 6-count, 1 gram pre-rolls presented in a slider pack.


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