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The Wonders of CBD

We talk about full and broad spectrum CBD oils and CBD isolate, but what are they, what are the differences and are affects similar? Full spectrum oils, contains all the plant compounds, and is not overly processed. Since if features a full cannabinoid profile, full spectrum can contain traces of THC typically no more than the legal limit of .03 percent. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the property in cannabis that creates the psychoactive properties. The entourage effect of CBD - when the compounds work together to affect the body in a more encompassing way - is often experienced by those using full spectrum CBD. Research has shown CBD’s health benefits may be

greater when multiple plant compounds remain. Broad spectrum CBD contains a range of natural compounds, but the THC has been removed. This is ideal for those seeking a similar entourage effect, but who have concerns about THC use for various reasons.

CBD isolate contains no THC and other plant compounds, as the product has been processed down to its purest form. Isolate is not water soluble and must be heated in a carrier oil to a certain point in order for its properties to be activated. Pure CBD’s health benefits are understood to be cumulative rather than immediate, making outcomes harder to measure without charting the data over time. Full spectrum oil and gummies typically provide an immediate delivery system, allowing CBD’s effects to take hold within 15 to 45 minutes. Dosing remains a topic that is up for debate. It’s been suggested that people begin with a lower dose and adjust up over time. You do not have to feel high in order to receive health benefits of CBD. In fact, patients report CBD provides them with a sense of calm, reduced anxiety and relaxation. Rather than a “high”, depending on the delivery method, CBD may bring a sense of euphoria to those who use it.

CBD will not show up in drug tests since that is not tested for, though if it contains trace amounts of THC, which is possible unless you are using isolate, that can show up as positive. CBD usually remains in the body system two to five days, though that varies by person. Those considering adding CBD to their daily health regimen should discuss this with their doctors, especially when already being prescribed other medications. While there are no known cases of overdose and CBD in all its forms are generally well tolerated, there are certain medications that don’t

interact well or whose effects can be amplified.

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