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This Week On The Farm

Life on the Farm this time of year at Best Cali Hemp is sometimes dictated by whatever weather is occurring day to day and sometimes hour to hour. Plans made with an expectation of springtime sunshine are often carried out in blowing wind and snow or hail flurries that visit only to disappear in an instance replaced by blue skies.

This was the case recently when we had beautiful low 60-degree weather and a long run of fencing that needed to be moved. All the other tasks, many requiring us to be indoors that needed done were accomplished during this warm streak and the scheduled fence day arrived greeting us with freezing temps, icy winds and frozen ground. Of course, the fence still needed moved so we did that, fighting the elements the entire time. This happens frequently, and we just plan best we can and very seldom stray from the plan though procrastination might sometimes be the easier route. As you know, we’ve been non-stop pretty much since last fall and with planting season looming large and knowing how fast the next six to eight weeks will fly, we’re getting more busy with each passing day.

It’s been all hands on deck to finish processing flower for market and to make room for next season’s crop. Richie’s cloning has yielded an array of beautiful plants that are growing into Mothers from whom we’ll be taking clones that will be planted. He watched them grow to a point, pushing the plants into flower by manipulating their light exposure and carefully watching for any male plants. Even using feminized seed, an occasional male can present. This is problematic as they can cross pollinate the rest of the crop, rendering it subpar or even useless - a costly error, indeed.

Cloning from a mature female plant - the mother - ensures all her babies (clones) are guaranteed that only genetically female plants go in to the field. The rockwool cubes arrived so we’ll begin popping Shasta Candy seeds shortly. On the body care line, we’ve finally selected a name which we’ll announce in the next couple weeks. Katrina and I are busy gearing up for those orders, some of which we’re already behind on, and they are not yet formally released to the public. This is

a fabulous position to be in. Maybe we’ll have all the tea for you next week!

’Til next week, happy growing!


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