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What You Should Be Looking For When Using CBD.

One may wonder since CBD is free of THC and therefore produces no telltale “high” confirming immediate effect, if it’s actually working. CBD is the second most prevalent active ingredient in marijuana, but is derived from hemp, marijuana’s cousin. CBD as has been addressed in earlier blogs, can be ingested in various ways and also used topically.

Typically, if CBD is taken via an edible, such as a gummy, the CBD levels that actually reach the blood stream may be reduced as it needs to process through the digestive system first. Taking CBD oil sublingually, vaping, or smoking CBD products allows for immediate absorption into the bloodstream and may provide more immediate relief.

Additionally, as has been said many times, each person metabolizes things differently resulting in

varying results. When beginning the CBD journey, always look for third-party testing. This ensures the company selling these products do have some independent regulatory oversight happening. Some companies are claiming to have CBD levels well into the mid- to high-20s range, which is a bit dubious. This means that it’s incumbent on the consumer to do their homework to ensure they are receiving the best quality CBD for the best outcomes.

If you are concerned about dosing levels, use products with measured units per serving. This will

make tracking and correlation between milligrams and outcomes easier. Finding your right and perfect CBD dosing sweet spot may take a bit of trial and testing on your part. We recommend starting low and increasing dosage from there. You might consider keeping a journal to track dosing and what you are experiencing in a few time intervals after taking the CBD. Also make note of how symptoms are impacted and how your body feels overall. This information will allow adjustments to be made that are most beneficial for you.

If you find your tolerance of CBD increased, simply take a break for a few days. This gives your body a chance to reset and you can begin again at a lower dose. Keep in mind that while some experience CBD’s positive benefits within a few days, for others it can take weeks or even months. Patience, Prudence is the rule that applies.

Remember that while finding that which works best can be a process, for most it’s worth the journey.


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